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    FInally......The Gates of Discord!

    The Gates are opening September 15th! The time has come to leave behind the Planes of Power and enter the Gates of Discord! We have killed our fair share of gods and barrels and we are ready to face the challenges ahead. We are excited to have some new content to explore and triumph over...
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    Na Na Na Na, Xegony Hey, Goodbye!

    MiM had a very thrilling and intense first week in the Planes of Power. We gathered our forces and pushed through all the various keys and flags needed to invade the planes and defeat the gods! We fought through various minions and monsters scattered throughout the planes and found ourselves...
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    PoP is about to drop!

    Planes of Power Are we excited? Hell Yes! Next week Planes of Power becomes available to ravage on Aradune! Along with endorphin pumping fun it brings with it: A level cap increase to 65 with more AA to hoard /flex The Plane of Knowledge travel hub, yay books! 23 new zones to explore and...
  4. T

    Conquered the Moon

    MiM has landed on Luclin and vanquished its many denizens! We stormed the Ssraeshza Temple, and after the death of many Shissar, we ended the reign of the mighty Emperor Ssraeshza himself! Upon his death, 40 brave souls dared to enter Vex Thal and face the Akheva High Priestess Aten Ha Ra...
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    Shadows of Luclin

    Who is ready to party like it's 2001? MIM is! We have spent the last few months exploring and conquering The Scars of Velious. Many Giants and Dragons have succumbed to our might. After many nights of staring at dragon cloaca we are excited for the release of The Shadows of Luclin...
  6. Dupre

    Kunark you say?

    Aradune Okay let's be real, no one really likes 12 weeks of Kunark. However, those of us on the Everquest TLP Server Aradune have accepted we're stuck with it for another 7 weeks or so. With that said, MIM is opening recruitment for a limited number of folks. MIM is more of a community rather...
  7. Dupre

    More Kunark? Yay they all rejoiced!

    Aradune Okay let's be real, no one really likes Kunark. However we're stuck with it for another 7 weeks or so. With that said, MIM is opening recruitment for a limited number of folks. MIM is more of a community rather than a guild. During the downtime especially in Kunark you'll find us...
  8. Dupre

    Moar Expansions, Moar Fun!!!!

    Aradune For the Aradune crew, Kunark launch was an absolute success. MIM finished with 8 of the server first epics. A NEW WORLD RECORD!!!! The team banded together to ensure we got as many of these quests done in the first couple of days as possible. So that was fun. We took the launch easy...
  9. Dupre

    Aradune Recruitment and Coirnav Continues!!!

    Aradune Rolling right along on Aradune, MIM has completed classic and put it all on farm status. We defeated lag monsters, door bosses, leveled alts, split raid, and done just about everything else we can successfully. Anyway, with that said MIM has a very limited window for recruitment to...
  10. Dupre

    Recruitment, Holiday Weekend, and Raid Bosses down!

    Greetings one and all! First, an announcement for the masses. With the Fourth of July holiday just around the corner, Darkpaw Games has announced a bonus weekend. 76% increase to EXP, Rare Spawns, and Faction. Get out there and game fellow gamers! The Aradune launch has gone great, despite...
  11. Dupre

    Can I has more Everquest?

    The Magicus Gaming Community loves it's Everquest, and with that said, we have an exciting announcement! A second chapter of MIM is coming to Everquest. This new chapter will be born on the Aradune Server. A new server whose name honors Brad McQuaid, aka Aradune Mithara, will be opening May...
  12. Loze

    Patch Day + New Expansion News + New TLP

    Patch day, and the servers aren't broken? WOW! Here's the important stuff: There were a lot of AA changes that don't seem to pertain to us yet, but if you'd like to see what's in store, read it here. New Expansion? Yes. Rehashing old zones again? Affirmative. Exorbitantly priced packs to...
  13. Loze

    Changes Coming to Aggro Dropping AA's and Fall Fun Bonus XP!

    They hinted at this during the last patch and the Devs are still holding true to their promise to Dev-splain their motivations for the changes they make. Looks like Bards (as well as every other class) will have the invisibility portion of Fading Memories (or whatever everyone else calls it)...
  14. Loze

    Fall Fun Bonus Round 2! Oh Yeah, Also Omens of Something-or-other...

    Super exciting news about EverQuest this week, it's the second round of Fall Fun Bonuses! Super Exciting! Also, there's something about an Omens of War expansion that I guess a lot of people like. It's pretty OK I guess. Ha! Just kidding. Got ya, didn't I? What has 2 thumbs and is ready...
  15. Loze

    Today's EQ Patch

    It was a pretty big one [insert that's what she said joke here]. We dodged the Veteran AA nerf bullet, which was good. A couple upgrades, a couple nerfs. Here's the juicy bits: The biggest nerf that effects us is placing the check for block, parry, dodge, and riposte AFTER the check to see...
  16. Loze

    Fall Fun Bonuses, Etcetera

    From the EverQuest website: Fall has come early, or WoW Classic has hurt more than anticipated? Either way, we benefit! Bring on the bonus XP! The Music of EverQuest Streams... Community Manager, dreamweaver posted this:
  17. Loze

    Gates of Discord!

    Who's ready for cool raid mechanics, a serious lack of vowels with tons of glottal stops, and really expensive armor? ME! Anything to be done with LDoN! (I hope Lynxal doesn't read the front page) Also, be aware that we resume our 3 days a week raid schedule next week with the launch of GoD...
  18. Loze

    Summer Spectacular! (Yeah, I Stole Their Headline)

    I also copied their copy! Here's the original.
  19. Loze

    Imminent Voluntary Insomnia aka Planes of Power Launch and 20 Years of EverQuest

    Planes is right around the corner on Coirnav and so is the end on any semblance of decent sleep as we gear up to extend our raid times a bit at the beginning to get all those wonderful flags. Coirnav members should head here to get up to speed on the pre-launch preparations for Planes of...
  20. Loze

    Daybreak Announces Winter Bonanza

    Christmas is almost upon us, and what better time than the holiday season for an attempt at a massive cash grab? With specials like $299 lifetime subs for all of DBG's games and Super Special $199 one year memberships, They're sure to rake in a few extra Simoleons this holiday season. It runs...