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Recruitment, Holiday Weekend, and Raid Bosses down!

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Greetings one and all!

First, an announcement for the masses. With the Fourth of July holiday just around the corner, Darkpaw Games has announced a bonus weekend. 76% increase to EXP, Rare Spawns, and Faction. Get out there and game fellow gamers!

The Aradune launch has gone great, despite queues, server issues, and lag. All major raid bosses are down, split raids begin this week, and farm status is officially reached. We even gave Lady Vox a good time!

Vox Boner.png

In terms of MIM recruitment on Aradune, our membership was definitely swoll, and to allow a quality experience for the current batch of recruits and additionally keep our leadership's sanity, we had closed it down. But fret not, we are reopening it on a limited capacity. Here are the details...


High Need

Medium Need

Low Need

Very Low Need

What this means is we are accepting exceptional applicants only. What we're looking for are people who are level 50 only. You need to place the guild before yourself, be focused on helping others and grouping within, and be able to rise above the toxicity that often occurs on a TLP. MIM has always had a great reputation and we will continue that. If you feel you fit that mold, please register on our site and the application link will become visible on the right hand side of this page.

Also I want to be sure to note our Coirnav Community is also still going, and is rolling through TSS there. They're always recruiting exceptional players. If you'd like to experience some of the later expansions of Everquest, feel free to register on our website and fill out an application there. You're also welcome to drop into our Discord via the link at the top of the site (Also viewable once registered) to talk with any of our leadership of either chapter!

Until then gamers, we wish you a healthy and safe holiday weekend and month of July. Best regards and happy gaming!
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