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Shadows of Luclin

Who is ready to party like it's 2001?

MIM is!

We have spent the last few months exploring and conquering The Scars of Velious. Many Giants and Dragons have succumbed to our might. After many nights of staring at dragon cloaca we are excited for the release of The Shadows of Luclin! (2/3/21)

This expansion gives us some fresh zones and raids. We get many new zones to explore, bosses to obliterate, alternate advancement skills to learn, the use of mounts, the Bazaar to wheel and deal in, the new playable Vah Shir race and the Beastlord class!

Are you excited yet?! To the moon we go! If you want to join us on these adventures please feel free to reach out via our discord server at Magicus Gaming or submit an app here.
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