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Patch Day + New Expansion News + New TLP

Patch day, and the servers aren't broken? WOW!

Here's the important stuff:
*** Highlights ***

- Made significant changes to fade and leap abilities. See the AA section for details.

*** AA ***

- All - Made the following changes to fade abilities for retuning and to provide a more consistent experience:
-- All AA escape abilities now have a 100% chance to succeed on opponents up to 5 levels above the caster.
-- Escape abilities trigger their secondary invisibility or sanctuary buffs regardless of proximity to attackers.
-- Escape abilities will reduce the amount of hatred any NPC the caster fails to escape from by 1 million points.
-- Escape abilities now have higher reuse times and resource costs for most classes, as this better reflects our vision for these abilities.

- - Bard - Fading Memories - Removed ranks 4-40. Ranks 1-3 now consume 12, 6, and 2% of your maximum mana to activate.

- - Rogue - Escape - Reduced the reuse of ranks 3-11 and added rank 12 resulting in a 1.5-minute reuse timer at level 85. This ability now consumes 2% of your maximum endurance to activate.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Messages sent using tell windows are now logged correctly.
- /pick will now send players and group members to the evac point of a zone.
- Corrected an issue where days entitled could be incorrect when logging in by bypassing the LaunchPad, resulting in issues with claiming veteran rewards and easily becoming marked as spam.
There were a lot of AA changes that don't seem to pertain to us yet, but if you'd like to see what's in store, read it here.

New Expansion? Yes.
Rehashing old zones again? Affirmative.
Exorbitantly priced packs to sucker you into spending a weeks salary on a 40 slot bag and a couple of potions? Absolutely.
New ice shaders after 20 years instead of fixing the issues this game has using the resources of modern hardware? Yup.

Level cap increases to 115. New raids, new AA's, old zones... The normal stuff.

Also, another new TLP...
Miragul Server: A New Type of Progression!
Looking to join a new community on a new type of server?
On November 5, in support of EverQuest II’s 15th anniversary, we are going to be launching a new type of progression server, named Miragul, that will start at the House of Thule expansion that launched in 2010. What does that mean?
You start as a Level 85 Heroic Character with live server experience rates, and all the trappings of a server that starts with a level cap of 90 with in-game housing, loads of raids, over 800 AAs, and more.
The server requires a membership to play and that’s it!
Here's the announcement.