Magus Imperialis Magicus

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Moar Expansions, Moar Fun!!!!



For the Aradune crew, Kunark launch was an absolute success. MIM finished with 8 of the server first epics. A NEW WORLD RECORD!!!! The team banded together to ensure we got as many of these quests done in the first couple of days as possible. So that was fun.

We took the launch easy, and opted to just relax and not rush the raid schedule. So starting the following Tuesday we one-shot the entire expansion in about 90 minutes, with the exception of VP which no one really cares about. Let's be real, congrats to those who rushed VP, but let's be real. Smashing your face into a wall and doing the VP key are about the same experience.

Recruitment remains closed at this time for Aradune, but if you feel like we should make an exception for you, try your luck with Ralfein, Bajur, or Fiveooh.


The Buried Sea opened up on Coirnav, and the guild is trucking through content there. Some of our members are splitting time between the two servers, and numbers are healthy that this team is still doing great. Pushing threw groupable content and hitting the raiding content to push for Solteris.

Recruitment is open for this team. If you're interested in some of the later content in EQ, this is a great opportunity to join up and get rolling. New characters can be leveled very quickly, defiant gear is in the game to help you gear quickly, and plenty of great people to help you get caught up. If this is of interest, hit up Matasata, Chimaira, Handjabs, and Lynxal!

*** For any questions related to recruitment for either server, register on our website and once done you'll have the ability at the top of the page to connect on our Discord! Reach out with any questions you may have. ***