Magus Imperialis Magicus

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Na Na Na Na, Xegony Hey, Goodbye!

MiM had a very thrilling and intense first week in the Planes of Power.
We gathered our forces and pushed through all the various keys and flags needed to invade the planes and defeat the gods!
We fought through various minions and monsters scattered throughout the planes and found ourselves at the rainbow to Xegony's island.

After crossing the rainbow we engaged in an epic battle with Xegony!
Her beauty was no defense against our combined might.
After this victory we turned our eyes and swords towards the Plane of Time and a certain 4 headed dragon.

The Plane of Time put up a good fight! In the end we banded together to destroy each god and fight our way to the mighty dragon.
We unleashed our amazing group of raiders at Quarm and quickly relieved him of each extra head, until but one remained.
It did him no good, and he fell to our feet.
MiM had such a fun and amazing time conquering the Planes of Power thanks to its members.
We have such a friendly and motivated group of folks that can get stuff done.
Cheers to us!

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