Magus Imperialis Magicus

Welcome to the home of MIM! If you are interested in joining MIM you will first need to register. After registration you will be able to reach the application form on the main page.

PoP is about to drop!

Planes of Power

Are we excited? Hell Yes! Next week Planes of Power becomes available to ravage on Aradune! Along with endorphin pumping fun it brings with it:

A level cap increase to 65 with more AA to hoard /flex
The Plane of Knowledge travel hub, yay books!
23 new zones to explore and lots of raid content to conquer!!

Our guild has been busy strategizing our initial attack on these otherworldly planes. We currently don't have any raider spots left for our initial push, but if you want to join in on the fun that takes place afterwards and are in need of place to call home, please click here or reach out to us on our discord.
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