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Dragons of Norrath

DoN Approaches

Moar Expansions, Moar Fun!!!!

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For the Aradune crew, Kunark launch was an absolute success. MIM finished with 8 of the server first epics. A NEW WORLD RECORD!!!! The team banded together to ensure we got as many of these quests done in the first couple of days as possible. So that was fun.

We took the launch easy, and opted to just relax and not rush the raid schedule. So starting the following Tuesday we one-shot the entire expansion in about 90 minutes, with the exception of VP which no one really cares about. Let's be real, congrats to those who rushed VP, but let's be real. Smashing your face into a wall and doing the VP key are about the same experience.

Recruitment remains closed at this time for Aradune, but if you feel like we should make an exception for you, try your luck with Ralfein, Bajur, or Fiveooh.


The Buried Sea opened up on Coirnav, and the guild is trucking through content there. Some of our members are splitting time between the two servers, and numbers are healthy that this team is still doing great. Pushing threw groupable content and hitting the raiding content to push for Solteris.

Recruitment is open for this team. If you're interested in some of the later content in EQ, this is a great opportunity to join up and get rolling. New characters can be leveled very quickly, defiant gear is in the game to help you gear quickly, and plenty of great people to help you get caught up. If this is of interest, hit up Matasata, Chimaira, Handjabs, and Lynxal!

*** For any questions related to recruitment for either server, register on our website and once done you'll have the ability at the top of the page to connect on our Discord! Reach out with any questions you may have. ***

Aradune Recruitment and Coirnav Continues!!!

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This guild has everything....png


Rolling right along on Aradune, MIM has completed classic and put it all on farm status. We defeated lag monsters, door bosses, leveled alts, split raid, and done just about everything else we can successfully.

Anyway, with that said MIM has a very limited window for recruitment to join our community on Aradune. We have room for 1 or 2 bards, and 1 or 2 DPS (Monk, Necro, Wizard only). If you are one of these, please reach out directly to our recruitment team (Bellemorte, Bajur, Fiveooh) and one of them can be of assistance in this matter. Kunark launches in just two weeks, so get on board now if you're one of those classes so you can enjoy our Kunark shenanigans for yourself!

In closing on this post, I'd like to remind the guilds out there that you can succeed in this game without being complete fucknut douchebags. There is a reason MIM cleared classic faster than certain guilds not to be named, and we did it without being cunts to the rest of the server. You can flex your nuts all you want, but we're better at EQ than you are, and we're better at life than you are. Re-evaluate your priorities if you're busy ruining other people's day over pixels. This has been a public service announcement from the MIM community.


Our Coirnav chapter is still trucking along. Coirnav nears the The Buried Sea and Secrets of Faydwer in the next couple of expansions, where they get into some of the prime expansions in the second half of the EQ lineage. These are expansions many didn't get to see, so if this is of interest to you, With great group and raid content, we encourage you to consider applying to join them if this is an area of the game that's of interest. The application link is available on the right hand side of the page. If you're an experienced player who needs help leveling up, I have no doubt many of our members in that community would jump at the opportunity to help you catch up in levels and get you acclimated to the current era on that server. For recruitment on Coirnav, reach out to Lynxal, Chimaira, Handjabs, or Matasata!

As mentioned above, The Buried Sea is fast approaching, and that one drops on August 26th for Coirnav.

*** For any questions related to recruitment for either server, register on our website and once done you'll have the ability at the top of the page to connect on our Discord! Reach out with any questions you may have. ***

Recruitment, Holiday Weekend, and Raid Bosses down!

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Greetings one and all!

First, an announcement for the masses. With the Fourth of July holiday just around the corner, Darkpaw Games has announced a bonus weekend. 76% increase to EXP, Rare Spawns, and Faction. Get out there and game fellow gamers!

The Aradune launch has gone great, despite queues, server issues, and lag. All major raid bosses are down, split raids begin this week, and farm status is officially reached. We even gave Lady Vox a good time!

Vox Boner.png

In terms of MIM recruitment on Aradune, our membership was definitely swoll, and to allow a quality experience for the current batch of recruits and additionally keep our leadership's sanity, we had closed it down. But fret not, we are reopening it on a limited capacity. Here are the details...


High Need

Medium Need

Low Need

Very Low Need

What this means is we are accepting exceptional applicants only. What we're looking for are people who are level 50 only. You need to place the guild before yourself, be focused on helping others and grouping within, and be able to rise above the toxicity that often occurs on a TLP. MIM has always had a great reputation and we will continue that. If you feel you fit that mold, please register on our site and the application link will become visible on the right hand side of this page.

Also I want to be sure to note our Coirnav Community is also still going, and is rolling through TSS there. They're always recruiting exceptional players. If you'd like to experience some of the later expansions of Everquest, feel free to register on our website and fill out an application there. You're also welcome to drop into our Discord via the link at the top of the site (Also viewable once registered) to talk with any of our leadership of either chapter!

Until then gamers, we wish you a healthy and safe holiday weekend and month of July. Best regards and happy gaming!

Aradune MIM Recruitment Update

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Thank you all for your interest in the Aradune chapter of MIM! We have had an outstanding response from the community resulting in more applications we have ever seen on a server launch. At this point recruitment is CLOSED. Over the next couple weeks we will be evaluating our roster. If you were interested in joining or if you recently were denied due to your class being full please check back regularly to see if some spaces have opened up. We would like to welcome all the new faces and returning members and look forward to slaying more dragons and gods with you all.

Can I has more Everquest?

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The Magicus Gaming Community loves it's Everquest, and with that said, we have an exciting announcement!

Aradune Announcement.jpg

A second chapter of MIM is coming to Everquest. This new chapter will be born on the Aradune Server. A new server whose name honors Brad McQuaid, aka Aradune Mithara, will be opening May 27th, 2020. A group of long time MIM leadership has agreed to take up the charge. The group will be raiding Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (Beginning at 8:00p EST / 5:00p PST) with the intent of doing off hours activities after raids and during the weekends. Be part of a true gaming community! The application for Aradune membership is now active and accessible once you register and log into the website.

If playing through the earlier eras of Everquest is not to your liking, please consider returning and joining us on our Coirnav Chapter. On June 3rd, 2020 the Coirnav Server will unlock The Serpent's Spine, one of the most exciting expansions in the latter half of the Everquest timeline. A level increase to 75, new adventures, abilities, spells, and more! There we have an established guild with more great members of our community, many who have been leading the charge on Coirnav for over two years now.

Also keep your eyes out for other exciting news and future chapters. Amazon's "New World" is expected this fall, and you never know what action we'll be seeing there. Until then friends, be safe in your adventures, both online and in real life, and may the Gods shine upon ye!​

New Friends and New Content - DoDH and PoR Complete!

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Well an update has been long overdue! Around the conclusion of Omens of War we joined forces with a great team in Imperceptible to form a renewed MIM under the banner of :

Magus Imperceptible Magicus

As a renewed team we went forth and conquered new and challenging content that many have not seen before. We also have started forming new friendships along the way that we hope will enhance our future gaming life. We are looking forward to The Serpent Spine expansion in the next month so if you have been considering returning to the Coirnav server now is a great time to come back and get ready. We have openings for a number of classes to strengthen our raiding crew and meet new friends.

Class Needs:

Clerics - HIGH
Berserker - Medium
Beastlord - Medium
Bards - Medium
Druid - Low
Enchanter - Low
Mage - Medium
Necromancer - Low
Paladin - Low
Ranger - Low
Rogue - Low

Shaman - Low
Shadow Knight - Low

Warrior - Medium
Wizard - Medium