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aradune tlp

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    FInally......The Gates of Discord!

    The Gates are opening September 15th! The time has come to leave behind the Planes of Power and enter the Gates of Discord! We have killed our fair share of gods and barrels and we are ready to face the challenges ahead. We are excited to have some new content to explore and triumph over...
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    Na Na Na Na, Xegony Hey, Goodbye!

    MiM had a very thrilling and intense first week in the Planes of Power. We gathered our forces and pushed through all the various keys and flags needed to invade the planes and defeat the gods! We fought through various minions and monsters scattered throughout the planes and found ourselves...
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    PoP is about to drop!

    Planes of Power Are we excited? Hell Yes! Next week Planes of Power becomes available to ravage on Aradune! Along with endorphin pumping fun it brings with it: A level cap increase to 65 with more AA to hoard /flex The Plane of Knowledge travel hub, yay books! 23 new zones to explore and...
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    Conquered the Moon

    MiM has landed on Luclin and vanquished its many denizens! We stormed the Ssraeshza Temple, and after the death of many Shissar, we ended the reign of the mighty Emperor Ssraeshza himself! Upon his death, 40 brave souls dared to enter Vex Thal and face the Akheva High Priestess Aten Ha Ra...
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    Shadows of Luclin

    Who is ready to party like it's 2001? MIM is! We have spent the last few months exploring and conquering The Scars of Velious. Many Giants and Dragons have succumbed to our might. After many nights of staring at dragon cloaca we are excited for the release of The Shadows of Luclin...
  6. Dupre

    Kunark you say?

    Aradune Okay let's be real, no one really likes 12 weeks of Kunark. However, those of us on the Everquest TLP Server Aradune have accepted we're stuck with it for another 7 weeks or so. With that said, MIM is opening recruitment for a limited number of folks. MIM is more of a community rather...