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  1. Loze

    Imminent Voluntary Insomnia aka Planes of Power Launch and 20 Years of EverQuest

    Planes is right around the corner on Coirnav and so is the end on any semblance of decent sleep as we gear up to extend our raid times a bit at the beginning to get all those wonderful flags. Coirnav members should head here to get up to speed on the pre-launch preparations for Planes of...
  2. Loze

    Daybreak Announces Winter Bonanza

    Christmas is almost upon us, and what better time than the holiday season for an attempt at a massive cash grab? With specials like $299 lifetime subs for all of DBG's games and Super Special $199 one year memberships, They're sure to rake in a few extra Simoleons this holiday season. It runs...
  3. Loze

    The Final Bout of Fall Fun Runs November 29 to December 10!

    This is from
  4. Loze

    Space Kitties... On the Moon?

    ^^ Gratuitous Cat ^^ That's right! Luclin is just a couple of days away on Coirnav, so Coirnav members head to the forums and check out this thread on Luclin launch day availability, and the Coirnav Raid Strategy forum for Vex Thal and Ssraeszha Temple key tracking, information on Seru bane...
  5. Loze

    More Fall Fun Bonuses

  6. Loze

    11/14/18 Patch Notes

    Could it be? Is it possible? Did we get a patch that was completed in a timely manner and didn't break the servers for 18 hours? Looks like it! Here's the notes:
  7. Tepin

    A stroll getting to and through Time

    It's been a while since our last update, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy! At the start of PoP on 2/1 we made a concerted effort to get through a couple of the bottle necks in the process to get Time flagged. In true MIM fashion we pulled together and did exceptionally well getting...
  8. Inka R'Nation

    here we go again

    The whole idea sounds fun to me, thought i open us some forum for this faboulus rewind. Currently the project1999 PVP Server is in Beta and some ppl are playing on the blue Server, population seems good so far. Go here for Details how to setup your eqemu account and get connected to the...