Magus Imperialis Magicus

Welcome to the home of MIM! If you are interested in joining MIM you will first need to register. After registration you will be able to reach the application form on the main page.


  1. Dupre

    MIM is ready! Are you?

    Excitement continues to build for the brand new Coirnav server. Veteran MIM are coming together with some fresh faces, and preparations for the launch are fast and furious. The MIM media team has even had time to put my video from last week to shame... If you’re interested in being a part...
  2. Dupre

    Magus Imperialis Magicus prepares for Coirnav

    With exciting news coming out last week, Daybreak Games has officially announced the launch of the Coirnav Time-Locked Progression Server. With that announcement, the natives became restless and it’s been decided that Magus Imperialis Magicus will be partaking in the adventure. Be prepared...