Magus Imperialis Magicus

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New Friends and New Content - DoDH and PoR Complete!


Well an update has been long overdue! Around the conclusion of Omens of War we joined forces with a great team in Imperceptible to form a renewed MIM under the banner of :

Magus Imperceptible Magicus

As a renewed team we went forth and conquered new and challenging content that many have not seen before. We also have started forming new friendships along the way that we hope will enhance our future gaming life. We are looking forward to The Serpent Spine expansion in the next month so if you have been considering returning to the Coirnav server now is a great time to come back and get ready. We have openings for a number of classes to strengthen our raiding crew and meet new friends.

Class Needs:

Clerics - HIGH
Berserker - Medium
Beastlord - Medium
Bards - Medium
Druid - Low
Enchanter - Low
Mage - Medium
Necromancer - Low
Paladin - Low
Ranger - Low
Rogue - Low

Shaman - Low
Shadow Knight - Low

Warrior - Medium
Wizard - Medium

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