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Magus Imperialist Magicus recruiting!

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Magus Imperialist Magicus (MIM) is recruiting raiders for Scars of Velious!

MIM is a gaming community filled with players who have been playing together for over 20 years. We are looking for laid back, mature, team oriented players who are interested in progressing through raid content. We currently raid 3 nights per week Tuesday, Wednesday 9-12pm EST, Thursday 8-12pm EST with optional raids Sunday evening 9pm~12pm EST. Raid hours are subject to slight modification pending velious release to allow us to clear as much content as possible each week.

Class Demands:
Monk/Rogue/Magician/Wizard/Necromancer: HIGH
Druid/Shaman/Enchanter/Paladin/Shadowknight: MEDIUM
Bard/Ranger/Cleric/Warrior: LOW

If you are interested in applying please fill out an application through our website at the link below:

For any questions or comments feel free to reach out to any of these members of the recruitment team in game:
Phiveoh, Sulase, Dokchanter
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