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Greetings members and friends,

Change. It is a constant in life. To many it can be difficult, and to others they let it flow naturally. Regardless of how well one handles it versus another, it is inevitable that in all aspects of our lives we will deal with it. That is never truer than it is in our gaming universe.

A change for the positive is our website. The home of Magus Imperialis Magicus has been given a facelift, with fresh graphics and some upgraded software and features. A calendar to announce events, whether they’re happening through the pixels on our screens, or in person with the pixels of real life. Discord integration has been introduced to our site to link your user ID’s accordingly and easily access your friends, new and old. Enhanced forum options as well, and more to come over time. A change not so public has been the management of the site. For many years, Inka has been responsible for the site, and with his own funds and hard work, he kept it running. However he requested a change in that. With the release of the incredibly restrictive new set of European privacy laws known as General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR for short), it became burdensome to continue under his watch, I agreed to take over the responsibility of the site. Only a fool would claim credit for the work being done here. The work behind the transfer of the site, the upgrades, and the maintenance of the site is shared, and I am at best a project manager helping coordinate the pieces.

So let credit be given where credit is due. Again, first with Inka for his many years of financial and personal efforts put into the site. Today he continues to advise and assist with optimizing the site in its new form. To Oberan for his part in the domain registration and site moderation over the years, which has largely come from his own pockets. To Rhysia, who upon Inka’s request helped with the transfer of the site from Inka’s servers to our new hosting, getting everything set up and running. To Grecco (Tallos) for taking over the day to day operations, upgrades, and overall administration of the site. To Valura (and more so her fiancé) for their work in our new graphics on the site. To those over the years who have contributed site moderation, news stories, or other forms of assistance, too many of you to name. And to the many members who donated funds to help with the costs of upgrading, hosting, and domain registrations for the next couple of years. This website, is not about me, or any one person. It is about a community of people, and it is all of MIM that make it what it is.

With the upgraded website, comes more change to the world of Magus Imperialis Magicus. This guild over the years has been made great by so many wonderful people. I personally share memories with many of you. I have made friends I will keep for the rest of my days. We’ve won impossible victories in our games, and we’ve been there for each other when we needed one another away from the computer screens and voice servers. Many drinks have been had, whether that's in a gaming session or actually with each other in our countless real life meet-up opportunities. MIM is more than just a name, it is more than a guild in a video game. We are a community. And because of that I am announcing the birth of Magicus Gaming.

Magicus Gaming is the future of MIM. Our new logo, present on the website, pays respect to our past, with two triangles coming together to represent the first and last M’s, with the I laying across in an off color. This logo pays respect to our name of the past, while helping us move forward. Magus Imperialis Magicus will always be our traditional guild name in gaming, but it can also be said that name may not be conducive with every genre of game, or every naming structure in games we play in the future. Magicus Gaming is more about tying together our community, and will serve as the umbrella for MIM. This allows us to honor our past days of our gaming heritage. We will live in the present as we continue to find new adventures, whether they be in a new game or even an old one, as well as away from the screens as our lives have grown and expanded. Finally we shall look towards the future by creating a brand that has flexibility for gaming and beyond. Whether that is in a game yet released, or a concept of interaction we only dream about! (The Oasis perhaps?)

The past exists in our memories, in our screenshots and texts, and in the friendships that have stood the test of time. Our present lies with all of you, as you grow your own families, and as we welcome in new members to our online one. And the future holds endless possibilities for each of us individually as well as for our community as a whole. What matters in the world of MIM is you.

I will continue, with the help of some very talented people, to keep the site going for years to come. Regardless of whether you have time to game with us now, or not, this will be the permanent home of Magicus Gaming and our guild Magus Imperialis Magicus. The work we do here however is and always will be for all of you. Many have served in leadership and helped make it successful. I am grateful for the opportunity to help serve. In truth, none of us were the key to the success of MIM. It has, and always will be about all of you.

Thank you for the many years of memories, for the support you have shown now, and for the adventures we’ll engage in ahead. May we always strive for excellence in gaming. May we always achieve excellence in community!

Best regards,

aka Dupre Ra`Mel
Very well written Dupre ! the website looks awsome! Thank all of you that put the hard work into this.

see you guys soon!
Mim4Life !
This guild is the only guild I'll join for the rest of my life. When you've come home, there's no point going anywhere else.

Great post, Dupre.
People ask why I still play EQ. This is why. I feel honored to call MIM my home! Hopefully I'll be gaming with MIM for years to come!