What a crazy day yesterday was.
Going about my way getting ready to be responsible IRL when the call went out..
Well.. Being responsible didn't happen :D
Neither did the Guilds Kunark raids.
But what did happen?
SERVER FIRST: Telkorenar, and Gozzrem!
What else happened? SERVER FIRST "72" Man AVATAR OF WAR!!
First try you say?
What else?
EQ000540.jpg EQ000538.jpg EQ000532.jpg
Vindicator, Statue, and Idol of Rallos Zek slaughtered!!
What a night... Fighting AoW was probably the most heart pumping moment I've had since coming back to EQ.
Speaking of coming back to EQ! Tomorrow is MIM's one year anniversary since we formed up for the progression servers.
So I'll be the first to say...
Happy EARLY Anniversary MIM!!!
unnamed.jpg On Tuesday April 12th we've acquired our 75th Epic!
This milestone would not have been accomplished without the entire guild coming together and helping each other out.
To honor this accomplishment Eriseth made us a really cool graphic of our server first epics.
At this rate It won't take us long to pass that 100 epic mark.
Nice work Eriseth!
Excellent job MIM!

On March 31st a small tactical force went to Veeshans Peak.
By 5:35PM PST Phara Dar was engaged...
Soon after dying by our hands.
Congratulations on the kill MIM!!
Excellent work helping each other get keyed!
/eyes Velious

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