On March 31st a small tactical force went to Veeshans Peak.
By 5:35PM PST Phara Dar was engaged...
Soon after dying by our hands.
Congratulations on the kill MIM!!
Excellent work helping each other get keyed!
/eyes Velious

On Tuesday the 15th Gorenaire died by the hands of MIM!
Took us three solid attempts before we got her down
Our first pull we got the Dragon to 38%
Our second pull, 12%
Third? Flawless.
/eyes VP

Server Second Trakanon Down!
Within the first week of Kunark?!
On our first pull we got him down to 39%...
Our second? Nearly Flawless.
Excellent work MIM!
/eyes Gorenaire

This was actually one of the funnest pictures to take. While Cratos was pushing me to hurry up and take the picture 10 or so individuals in the back where continuously jumping trying to get in to the photo. Than you have Trophy here in front who decided he needed to jump as well blocking out a bunch of people ;p

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