Class needs for recruitment are as follows:

Bard - Low

Cleric - Low

Druid - Low

Enchanter - Low

Mage - Low

Monk - Medium

Necromancer - Low

Paladin - Low

Ranger - Low

Rogue - Medium

Shadowknight - Low

Shaman - Low

Warrior - Low

Wizard - Medium

See our recruitment form on the right margin of the home page to fill out an application and one of our recruitment team will get in contact with you!
With the Eye of Veeshan dropped on April 19th, MIM has officially conquered classic! We're keeping the march to Kunark moving, so now is the perfect time to join us. Put in an application if you're one of the following classes:


All applicants must be lvl 50 at the time of their application. Find our form to the right of this post labeled MIM Recruitment.

See you on Coirnav!

- Greetings Coirnav -

Just another week for MIM here. Beating bosses, doing our thing...

Congrats MIM on downing these four baddies in casual fashion.

MIM has room for just a cleric or two, and a bard or two. If you're 46+ and one of those classes, reach out to us by completing an app!

And finally, enjoy a couple of YouTube videos I enjoyed this week.

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