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    If you're reading this, then you're interested in knowing about the Coirnav chapter of Magus Imperialis Magicus. Here are the basics of what you need to know.

    First, MIM is a guild with rich history, and this chapter is being led by myself, Dupre. I've been with MIM for over 15 years and enjoyed much of it's history as a member and as part of it's leadership. My time with MIM has included Everquest, Age of Conan, Warhammer, and other games. Notably I was part of the only true Everquest Sleeper kill on Rallos Zek.

    We had a fantastic chapter on the Phinigel server that I also led, and many have decided to return for another go at the progression servers, which is why we're here. If you're interested in joining MIM on Coirnav, here is what you need to know.


    We are a guild of gamers who have been playing together for over 20 years. We accept new players, and welcome back old. It's a fine balance over the years we've always been able to strike, and it's how we'll proceed here. More importantly what you need to know is that we are adults, working, with kids, and we don't have time for drama or bullshit. Don't mistake, this isn't a kumbaya, everything is candy canes and rainbows guild. If you’re here, our expectation is that you work on the betterment of the guild and team as a whole. We all raid to improve our characters, our own skills, and enjoy the experiences together - as such drama won’t be tolerated.

    We're a lot of fun. We are a family within ourselves. We know about each other's families, jobs, adventures, etc. This guild has gotten together outside of our gaming history to meet and have fun. Multiple excursions have occurred, with recently us having two separate trips to Las Vegas in 2016 to booze it up and just hang out not in front of our keyboards. We're even talking about a MIM cruise in 2019. If you're joining this guild, you're coming into a unique group of gamers who have not only made history in the world of MMORPG's, but actually forms friendships that will last the rest of our lives.

    Our raiding is on point. What that means is we're not interested in zerging our targets. We've always used tactics, knowing how to play your class, and effective teamwork. What that means is that even though Everquest can be beaten by facerolling across your keyboard, we don't faceroll. We won't be recruiting 200 members to zerg every target in open world. We won't be the batphone guild of the server. Simply put, I enjoy my sleep each night way more than I do killing Lord Nagafen for the 938th time in my life. Trust me, at 3:00am he tends to drop the Gold Plated Koshigatana almost 90% of the time anyway.

    Our raids as of right now are promptly set for evenings 9:00p EST / 6:00p PST on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We're not interested in giving up our weekends to raid all day Sunday, or whatever other guilds do. We like our weekends to watch football, spend with our families, or just sit in an exp camp and grind a bit. This is our raid schedule. It may shift in the future, but if you're not into raiding weekends then this is a strong schedule for you to consider.

    Loot System
    This one is tricky for most people to grasp, so read this part carefully. We will utilize a loot council system. *gasp* Yes we utilize a loot council system. We do this on purpose for a few reasons. This is my philosophy which was most eloquently put by one of our members when debating the issue in years past. Loot council is best for the guild, DKP is best for the individual. What we have found is, as a whole, our guild is better geared in a loot council than in a DKP system.

    The biggest flaw in a DKP system is it puts the power in the hands of the individual. That's great if each individual is fully versed in game mechanics, and understands not only what that piece of loot does for their class, but also for the other classes. Unfortunately, the majority of people don't look at that sort of stuff. They see +100 mana on the item, and know their item is only +75 mana and assume it's their automatic best upgrade choice.

    Read this statement again, and let it sink in. Loot council is best for the guild, DKP is best for the individual. DKP is especially a better choice for the officers, so it sounds nuts that we choose to go with loot council. Understand we do what is best for the guild, not for the individual, and that resonates within leadership. We are going to do what is best to put the guild in the best position to succeed. That is done through an effective, fair and thorough loot council which is what you will find here.

    Our Goal for Coirnav
    The long and short of it is we intend to be one of the top level guilds on the server, but we're not going to do it through being asshats on the server. We will raid efficiently, on our own terms, and maintain a top level status. Traditionally speaking MIM has held a place of respect in every game we play. Phinigel was our more recent home, and I feel confident we left that server with an amazing reputation that could be surpassed by none. That will be the same way we conduct ourselves on Coirnav. That doesn't mean we're push overs and give up our camp to a training dirtball, but it also doesn't mean we steamroll over good folks just because they have a camp we want.

    In closing....
    This is a good place to be. If you are interested, you can fill out an application linked within this thread or located on the front page of the website. And if you don't want to be here, that's okay too. Some people crave batphoning and min/maxing, competing for the top slot on Magelo. And some people just want to box 6 characters and do their own thing. We get it, MIM isn't for everyone. Those who have joined though, I'd be shocked if anyone has regretted the ride!

    MIM Coirnav Application

    Happy gaming folks, hopefully if you're a quality person and a quality gamer, you choose to sign up and join the gang.
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