With the death of Vulak`Aerr, MiM has put velious content on farm status! If you would like to join not just a raiding guild, but a gaming community that has been around for years, apply today!

Raid times:
Monday: 9pm ~ Midnight EST
Tuesday: 8pm ~ Midnight EST
Wednesday: 9pm ~ Midnight EST
Thursday: 8pm ~ Midnight EST
Class Demands:
UPDATED 10/31/18
Low: Shadowknight - Warrior - Monk
Medium: Druid - Cleric - Bard - Magician - Enchanter - Necromancer
High: Rogue - Wizard - Shaman - Ranger - Paladin
Must be level 55+ to raid and actively leveling to 60.
If your class is in low demand, please feel free to apply as we are always on the hunt for dedicated and skilled players!
Interested? Fill out an application via the link "Mim Recruitment" on the right.
Contact Dupre, Phiveoh, Dokchanter in game for more information!


Velious's most difficult mob (at least from a damage output stand point) is down. One shot, in instance, less than 72 people. This is a server first to be done in an instance. That is how Magus Imperialis Magicus does things. As a guild leader, I could not be more proud of my team for this fantastic accomplishment. And to one lucky warrior...


MIM is more than an Everquest guild on Coirnav, we're a group of long time friends. In a month many of us will descend on Las Vegas for another RL get together, which we do every year or two. Additionally as we play Everquest now, we look forward to other games in the future. We avidly await Pantheon. In the past we've dominated in games such as Vanguard, Warhammer, and StarCraft. Over the years we've gotten a little more casual only in the sense that we recognize our families, our careers, and our lives out of the game have significant importance, so we understand putting those first when you need to. We maintain a set raid schedule to help people plan, raiding only 3 days a week.

So with that said, if you're looking for a new guild. One that places value in your life outside of the game, but takes raiding seriously, we might be a good fit for you. We take raiding seriously, and we live at the top tier of raiding on our server, we just do it on our own terms. That's our playstyle. No knocking anyone else's, that's just how we do things.

I encourage you to apply if you're looking for a new home. We're seeking people at least level 55+, and our class need level is as follows:

Low: Bard - Cleric - Enchanter - Ranger - Shadowknight - Warrior
Medium: Druid - Magician - Monk - Paladin - Shaman
High: Necromancer - Rogue - Wizard
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