Hello Coirnav! MIM is off to a fantastic start; we're already farming armor in the planes and we've locked down several Phinny kills. This week during raids we're setting our sights higher. Perhaps some dragon scales are in our future!

Currently MIM is looking for dedicated players above lvl 40 of the following classes:


If you're interested in joining our raid guild, please use the link over on the right side of the home page labeled 'MIM Recruitment' to fill out an application. A member of the recruitment team will get in contact with you after you submit.

Thanks, and good hunting!
Greetings Coirnav Server!

It is with a level of excitement and also with a bit of sadness that we announce at this time we are temporarily closing recruitment...

The response to our planned launch for the Coirnav server has been fantastic. For a short period of time we will be closing recruitment while we allow the launch of Coirnav to happen, and we see where the dust settles. If you have your heart set on joining MIM, do not despair. We will reopen recruitment to exceptional players after the launch of the server.

Until that time...

Excitement continues to build for the brand new Coirnav server. Veteran MIM are coming together with some fresh faces, and preparations for the launch are fast and furious.

The MIM media team has even had time to put my video from last week to shame...

If you’re interested in being a part of MIM for this exciting server launch, please first read this forum post, and then if you’re still interested, fill out a recruitment application.​
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