Cazic Thule: Defended!!
At approximately 2:20PM a competing force started mobilizing
Batphone was activated.
By 2:40 Cazic Thule was slaughtered...
He dropping an impressive 3% per tick
Id like to thank everyone for helping us watch for him over the past 24hrs!

Two druid staffs, AoN, and puppet strings dropped.

Vox: Defended!!
Had a fast Sky run and afterwords we went and defended Vox
We had to sit on Vox for two hours but it was well worth it
Congratulations on lewt Fayy, Zargoon, Seloin, Arcteryx!!
Another Shaman Kill Message this week :D

Innoruuk: Defended!
We had a strong force up in hate for most the day.
Got lot's of lewt and diamonds for resists.
At approximently 4PM PST a full raid force showed up to take our target.
We quickly bat phoned and countered this force.
My heart is still pounding.
Nice work MIM!

Congrats on Inny lewt Deebow, Bigmeat, Festus, Seloin, and Wailem!


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